The L.A. Times 2021 holiday gift guide

The Los Angeles Times presents: The Gift Guide

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve made it to the 2021 holiday gift-giving season, which is no small gift given the last 11 months. If you’re like most of the people we know, your shopping list is at best in shambles and, at worst, nonexistent. But we’ve got you.

In consideration of the two big Cs (those would be convenience and COVID-19), most of the gifts on our lists can be ordered online and dispatched anywhere in the U.S. And, in recognition of the fact that the world around us is open for business, we’ve added a few lists that are focused less on the material and more on the experiential. We’ve covered SoCal museum memberships, tours and activities and outdoor gear, and we’ve also included a navigable list of the city’s best brick-and-mortar boutiques so you can do the last-minute secret Santa thing IRL, should the spirit move you.


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