Newsletter: Essential California: NFL looks to Inglewood

Good morning. It is Tuesday, Jan. 12. The last known survivor of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake died Monday. William A. Del Monte was 109 years old. Here’s what else is happening in the Golden State:


Kickoff time

Is the professional football drought in Los Angeles about to end? Sources say a consensus is building within the NFL for the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers to share a stadium in Inglewood. Inglewood seems to be getting more favor than another plan that calls for the Chargers and Oakland Raiders to build a stadium in Carson. Los Angeles Times

New leader

The lengthy process of finding a new superintendent for the Los Angeles Unified School District ended in the district’s own backyard. Deputy Supt. Michelle King was announced as the LAUSD’s new leader Monday night. “Board members said that she impressed them in their long interviews behind closed doors. They said they appreciated her knowledge of L.A. Unified, which, they concluded, would allow her to tackle the school system’s problems without delay.” Los Angeles Times

Call for charges

The fatal police shooting of an unarmed Venice homeless man last year may turn out to be a major test case. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has recommended criminal charges against the officer, marking the first time as chief that Beck has called for charges in a fatal on-duty shooting. There is a video — so far not released publicly — of the incident. Los Angeles Times


Water blogged: California water policy can be an insular, jargon-ridden field. On most issues, the arguments and counter-arguments have been around so long that they can seem about as flexible as a concrete dam. But “Vlad the Impaler,” an anonymous blogger, is trying to make it interesting. Los Angeles Times

Is it over? How will we know when the drought is finally over? That could be difficult to assess. San Jose Mercury-News

Plan to pump: There’s a proposal, albeit not a popular one, to pump 814 billion gallons of water out of the Mojave Desert. “It’s worth whatever the community who wants the water is willing to pay for it to meet their demands,” said Scott Slate, executive of Cadiz Inc. Wired


Lives of others: Homelessness and shame in L.A. “In revealing just how bad the status quo is for the poor and homeless in Los Angeles, El Niño may prove to be an opportunity of conscience for the region’s better-off citizens.” The New Yorker

Bridging time: The beloved but decrepit Sixth Street Bridge received a short reprieve. Demolition was supposed to begin this month but has been pushed back two months while plans are being worked out. It will be replaced by a sleeker $420-million span. Eastsider LA

Curtains for “Aladdin": After 13 years at Disney California Adventure, the live “Aladdin” musical performance has come to an end. “This was a big part of our lives. There’s a lot of emotions. It’s just a beautiful stage show.” Orange County Register

Tasty treats: The popular Taiwanese bakery 85°C Bakery Cafe will open in downtown L.A. Get ready for “squid ink bread, egg tarts and taro pastries.” LAist


New era: Assemblyman Anthony Rendon was elected to succeed Toni Atkins as Assembly speaker. He will take over the leadership role in March. Thanks to new term limits, Rendon could serve until 2024. “When voters extended term limits ... they did so because they believed that they would help the Legislature be more thoughtful, more productive and more deliberative. As a result, the era that has arrived before us is one that’s filled with great potential for the state and for this institution,” he said. Los Angeles Times

Competitive landscape: More than 206,000 people applied for admission to at least one University of California campus for the 2016 fall semester, setting a new record for the 12th year in a row. UCLA received the most applications, followed by UC San Diego and UC Berkeley. Los Angeles Times

Strengths and weaknesses: Political columnist Cathleen Decker notes that by relying on her strengths, state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris is highlighting her own lack of federal experience as she runs for the U.S. Senate. “The absence of a new, Senate-focused approach came up almost inadvertently when a supporter asked what she’d advise President Obama on Islamic State — essentially the role of many senators,” Decker writes. Los Angeles Times

Calls for action: A California lawmaker wants Southern California Gas Co. to shut down the oldest wells in the Aliso Canyon storage facility until an outside expert can verify that they do not pose a danger to the health and safety of the community. That’s just one of three bills state Sen. Fran Pavley is sponsoring in response to the ongoing natural gas leak that was first reported Oct. 23. Los Angeles Times

New endorsement: Tommy Chong is supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders because of his stance on legalized … “fair and humane immigration policy.” “Chong’s tongue-in-cheek Web short is likely to be a hit with the vast grassroots army of volunteers and small donors Sanders is relying on to fuel his campaign — especially as he seeks to bring out progressive voters.” Los Angeles Times


Icky discovery: Officials on Monday discovered a severed human foot on the tracks of the BART transit system. The foot is believed to belong to a woman who lost the lower part of her right leg when she was struck by a train Dec. 20. Los Angeles Times


Renovation plans: Here’s a look at what Disneyland’s Frontierland will look like after the new Star Wars Land opens. “The depiction shows the north bank of the Rivers of America and the elevated trestles that will carry the Disneyland Railroad. But the rendering does not show what hard-core Star Wars fans really want to see: The attractions at the new Star Wars Land, to be built in the area north of the waterway.” Los Angeles Times

Show opening: Artist Kori Newkirk is preparing for his first solo show in Los Angeles in five years. “I’ve never been super concerned with the market. I don’t pander to it. I make what I want. I’ve always taken the long view that this is a marathon,” he said. Los Angeles Times


Riverside will be mostly sunny with a high of 67 degrees. In San Diego, it will be mostly sunny and 66. Los Angeles will be sunny and 66. San Francisco will be mostly cloudy with a high of 58.


Today’s California Memory comes from Tom Sauser:

“I was born in Long Beach. My earliest memories were of the wooden oil derricks that sprouted all over parts of the city and which made Signal Hill look like a forest. Driving with my parents on Cherry Avenue was an adventure. There were old boilers and other pieces of equipment strewn in the fields along the route. As I got older, and was able to explore on my own, I was admonished by my parents to stay away from the ever present oil pumps and oil sumps which seemed to occupy every block within my range. I have lived in Arizona for the past 40 years amongst saguaros and other desert flora, but I still miss exploring the oil fields as a youngster in Long Beach.”

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