Essential California: What's next for LGBT movement?

Good morning. It is Monday, July 13. Here's what is happening in the Golden State:


Dangerous intersections

Nearly a quarter of Los Angeles’ traffic accidents happen at less than 1% of intersections. Many of those are in downtown and Hollywood, which tend to have more density than other parts of the city. “Urban planners say the data highlight the great challenge in Los Angeles' quest to be more pedestrian friendly: Its wide boulevards and sprawling grids, designed to move cars as quickly as possible, are vestiges of the past that put pedestrians of the present in danger.” Los Angeles Times

Which side?

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s decision not to take a stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership has confused both his allies and critics. However, politicians who have worked with the mayor suggest this is characteristic of his style. “During his 14 years in city government, Garcetti has at times been criticized for indecisiveness and for giving mixed or misleading signals about his stance on divisive topics.” Los Angeles Times

New jail scandal

Ten L.A. County jail employees were suspended by Sheriff Jim McDonnell  after a complaint that an inmate was “restrained” for 32 hours, receiving medical care and just a cup of water during that time. This move comes as the FBI continues to investigate how the Sheriff’s Department manages the jails. Already, 12 members of the department have been convicted of crimes, including civil rights violations. Los Angeles Times



Water rights: A new court ruling has raised questions over the state’s ability to curtail water rights. A Sacramento judge says water officials violated the due process rights of the West Side Irrigation District when it ordered it to stop drawing water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Los Angeles Times

End in sight: It’s looking more and more like there will be an El Nino this winter -- and it could be the strongest on record. “In the U.S., El Niño usually exerts most of its influence during the fall and winter, with increased precipitation along the West Coast in particular. This would be good news for drought-plagued California and other Western states, but a wetter than average winter is far from certain at this point.” Mashable



Next wave of activism: For decades, the LGBT movement has been united by AIDS and marriage equality. Activists now find themselves asking what the next front is -- from civil rights to LGBT homelessness to paying more attention to the bisexual and transgender members of the community. “The issues facing transgender people are so urgent and critical — for many, literally a daily struggle for survival — that we don't have the room or luxury for fatigue,” said the executive director of the Transgender Law Center. Los Angeles Times

Preparing for the end: A 68-year-old woman who was stranded with her husband for two weeks after they made a wrong turn in the mountains between San Diego and Riverside counties said she was prepared to die before rescuers arrived. Her 79-year-old husband did pass away one week into the ordeal. “If we make it out, fine. If we don’t make it out, fine,” Dianna Bedwell said. Riverside Press-Enterprise



State proposal: California is considering whether to issue work permits to farmworkers who are in the country illegally. A similar effort failed three years amid hopes of a more comprehensive solution. Los Angeles Times

Talking points: Donald Trump’s rhetoric on immigration, which he brought to Beverly Hills on Friday, is out of place in a state that’s gone out of its way to avoid striking a harsh tone on the issue. Los Angeles Times

Latino politics: Will California have a Latino senator or governor in 2016 or 2018? A new report finds Latino politicians have the most success in small cities. “For Latinos, upward movement is complicated by problems connected to the poor turnout of Latinos in their geographic base, Southern California, and the difficulty of raising money when home districts lack abundant wealth,” columnist Cathleen Decker writes. Los Angeles Times



Mayoral evaluation: As Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia marks the end of his first year in office, he’s focusing on early childhood education and civic engagement. “Though the political honeymoon has gone well, or at least has been active and without entanglements, many say the real challenges for Garcia are ahead, and only then will the true measure of his leadership be revealed.” Long Beach Press-Telegram

No suspects: Who leaked a confidential affidavit in the corruption case against former state Sen. Ron Calderon? The federal government can’t figure it out so officials have given up looking for the culprit. Daily News



Skid row shooting: A deep dive into the police shooting of Charly Keunang, whose death on skid row was captured on film by a bystander. “The irony is almost too crude, but there it is: Charly "Africa" Keunang read plays because when he was younger he'd dreamed of becoming an actor, had immigrated to the U.S. to be in the movies. That didn't happen until the day he died.” GQ



More than staging: Los Angeles Realtors are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to market some of the most expensive homes in the world. When a home has toilets valued at $5,600, maybe spending $300,000 to get buyers’ attention isn’t so crazy? Los Angeles Times

Tiny houses: There’s a new housing trend that’s caught on with millennials and baby boomers who are looking to downsize -- micro-dwellings. These tiny homes are smaller than 500 square feet. “It’s a lot more free and liberating to have less stuff,” one resident said. Orange County Register (photo gallery)



A for effort: The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board will start issuing report cards for L.A.’s top politicians. The project will eventually grow to include county and state officials as well. Marks will be given for leadership, effectiveness, vision, transparency and political courage. Los Angeles Times



Disney’s politics: Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait finds himself in battle with Disney, the area’s biggest employer and tax generator, over the city’s agreement not to impose a ticket tax for the next 30 years. “I think, down the road, people will rue this day. Other people will look at us and say that we gave away the people's right to vote,” he said. Los Angeles Times

Getting away: Ojai is once again a popular destination. Could it be an “electromagnetic vortex” that’s drawing people in, as one local resident suggested? No, it’s probably the beautiful landscapes and relaxed, upscale hotels and restaurants. New York Times

An infamous Hollywood story: The relationship between Clark Gable and Loretta Young was one of Hollywood’s biggest scandals. But it was decades later and late in life when Young was able to fully understand the complexities of her own experience. Buzzfeed



Los Angeles will have low clouds and sun with a high of 80 degrees. In Riverside, there will be plenty of sunshine and 90 degrees. San Diego will have some clouds and 75 degrees. There will be low clouds in San Francisco, which will reach a high of 71 degrees.


Save your pennies because gasoline in the Southland could reach $4 a gallon.


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