For the Record

For the record

Locol restaurant: In the Jan. 24 Section A, an article about the new restaurant Locol in Watts said its coffee comes from the roasters at Blue Bottle. The coffee comes from a collaboration between Locol and Tony Konecny.

Ventura Boulevard dining: In the Jan. 16 Saturday section, an article about restaurants on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City said Jesse Gomez is the chef-owner of Maradentro. He is the owner. Jose Acevedo is the chef and a partner. The article also said to head west out of the Bellwether to reach Joan’s on Third. The correct direction is east.

Normandie Casino: An article in the Jan. 23 California section on a plea agreement between federal prosecutors and the Normandie Casino said it was the last casino operating in Gardena. The Hustler Casino also operates in Gardena.

Bribery case: In the Jan. 22 California section, the headline on an article about the sentencing in a military bribery case referred to the defendant as a Navy officer. He is a Navy petty officer, an enlisted position.


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