For the Record

ADA website lawsuits: In the Nov. 11 Business section, an article about a surge in lawsuits alleging violations of the American with Disabilities Act by business websites said that nearly 5,000 such lawsuits were filed in federal court in the first six months of 2018 and that 10,000 were projected to be filed by year’s end, up 30% from 2017. Those numbers actually referred to all ADA lawsuits for disability discrimination involving public accommodation filed in that period. Of those suits, lawsuits alleging website accessibility violations totaled 1,053 in the first six months, a number that is projected to rise to 2,000 by year’s end, up 90% from 2017.

Woolsey fire: In the Nov. 12 Section A, an article on the difficulty of communication during the Woolsey fire quoted photographer Robert Spangle as saying of previous blazes in Malibu: “It’s never gotten close to PCH. This time it jumped it.” There have been past fires that made it all the way to the Pacific Ocean, including the Old Topanga fire in 1993.

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