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Credit cards for travel: In the Oct. 27 Travel section, The More for your Money column about credit cards that can be used abroad said that a USAA chip and PIN credit card failed to work properly in Europe. A chip-and-PIN card was requested during the application process, but after publication of the article, USAA notified The Times that the card sent was a conventional MasterCard and not a chip and PIN card.

Professor arrested: In the Nov. 21 Section A, an article about the arrest of a professor from Geneva in a 1995 Orange County slaying said that one of the suspects, Kody Tran, died in a shootout with police. Tran shot himself during a standoff with police.

Fresno State football: In the Nov. 21 Section A, an article about Fresno's enthusiastic support of its college football team identified a former Bulldogs softball player as Gina Barrows. Her name is Gena Strang-Behrens.

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