AEG-Michael Jackson wrongful death trial

A jury will weigh whether AEG negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray, who gave Michael Jackson a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol on the eve of what was to be the singer's comeback tour. The trial is expected to last up to four months.

Michael Jackson verdict doesn't vindicate Conrad Murray, jury says

AEG Live found not liable in Jackson's death

The lawsuit filed by the singer's mother and three children blamed the concert promoter for his fatal drug dose.

Michael Jackson-AEG verdict: Jury foreman says 'no winners in this'

Michael Jackson verdict: Family gets no money in huge AEG victory

Five months later, Michael Jackson death suit in jury's hands

AEG cared about money, not Michael Jackson, attorney says

Michael Jackson wrongful death case nearly in jury's hands

AEG closing arguments: Michael Jackson made 'bad choices,' not us

AEG says $1.5 billion for Jackson's death is 'ridiculous'

Michael Jackson judgment day nears as final arguments begin

Lawyers in Michael Jackson wrongful-death suit can't mask animosity

Tensions between Marvin Putnam and Brian Panish have flared in and outside of court.

Michael Jackson wrongful death trial moves closer to verdict

Michael Jackson desperate for sleep, drugs, doctor says

Michael Jackson trial: Doctor expected to discuss sleep, drugs

2 AEG executives dismissed from Jackson suit

The judge dismisses the case against Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware because they were acting on behalf of AEG.

Jackson judge indicates she'll toss case against AEG officials

Debbie Rowe reveals personal moments with Michael Jackson

Man who vouched for Conrad Murray testifies at Michael Jackson trial

A man who worked security for Michael Jackson testified Wednesday that he introduced the singer to doctor Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson's mother to testify in AEG wrongful-death case

Michael Jackson's son Prince to take stand in AEG trial

Katherine Jackson: Michael Jackson denied using prescription drugs

Fans line up to see Katherine Jackson testify in AEG lawsuit

About a dozen fans of Michael Jackson gathered Friday outside the courtroom where Katherine Jackson was set to testify in the AEG lawsuit.

Katherine Jackson: Tell me 'what really happened to my son'

Katherine Jackson to take stand for first time in wrongful-death suit

The next person scheduled to testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful-death lawsuit is his mother, Katherine Jackson.

Plan for 3-D 'Thriller' movie, Jackson TV show revealed in court

Jackson trial: Defense gets nanny mixed up with Nancy Grace

Michael Jackson was a father figure, nephew testifies

Tour director in tears as he recalls Michael Jackson's decline

The director of Michael Jackson's ill-fated concert series breaks down on the stand.

Michael Jackson's makeup artist worried over aggressive tour schedule

Michael Jackson¿s hairstylist, makeup artist and longtime friend testified Friday that she was concerned about the star¿s aggressive ¿This Is It¿ tour schedule, saying she worried it didn¿t give him enough time to ¿recuperate¿ between shows.

Conrad Murray objects to 'Sorry, kids -- Dad's dead' testimony

Prince Jackson expected to testify about father's final hours

Alternate juror dismissed in Michael Jackson wrongful death trial

Jackson witness: It would be 'conflict' for AEG to hire doctor

As Jackson's mother sues AEG, brothers work with company

Jackson trial: Leiweke email calls Anschutz 'a paranoid scrooge'

AEG's $100,000-a-month contract with Jackson's manager questioned

Judge in Michael Jackson civil case rebukes AEG Live's CEO

Michael Jackson was 'trembling, rambling,' director said

Michael Jackson 'needs a shrink,' tour manager said in email

Michael Jackson an 'emotionally paralyzed mess,' AEG email says

AEG exec: 'You needed a scorecard' to track Jackson's entourage

Jackson death case is "extortion," AEG exec agrees

AEG testimony: Conrad Murray worked for Michael Jackson, not us

Michael Jackson wanted Conrad Murray as tour doctor, AEG exec says

Murray wanted $5 million to treat Jackson, AEG exec testifies

Doctor told AEG that Michael Jackson was a drug addict, lawyer says

The attorney for Michael Jackson¿s family said a doctor testified he told an AEG executive Jackson was a drug addict.

AEG email: Footage of a 'skeletal' Jackson ordered deleted

AEG email: Murray works for us, not Jackson

AEG exec testifies he knew Michael Jackson was taking painkillers

Michael Jackson trial: AEG email could bolster family's case

An AEG executive sent an email shortly before Michael Jackson died to remind Conrad Murray "that it is AEG, not MJ who is paying his salary."

Director feared Michael Jackson 'could have hurt himself'

AEG sought life insurance on 'basket case' Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's family offered to settle lawsuit, lawyer says

AEG paid Michael Jackson's manager $100,000 a month

Michael Jackson trial: Conrad Murray's payment demands 'outrageous'

A professional concert tour director testified Friday in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial that a doctor's demand for $5 million to serve as the singer's tour physician "raised a red flag." Marty Hom, who has spent 25 to 30 years as a tour director and tour manager, said that Dr. Conrad Murray's original demand was "outrageous."

Former defender claims Michael Jackson was pedophile, abuser

Attorney agrees to hand over emails from Jackson's manager

Jackson used vocal aid in concerts, choreographer says

Jackson pulled it together in final rehearsals, choreographer says

Jackson so thin 'I could see Michael's heartbeat,' costumer said

New Michael Jackson molestation allegation emerges

Concert producer feared Michael Jackson was dying, she testifies

Pepsi fire left Michael Jackson with no hair, migraines: witness

A vintage video of Michael Jackson’s hair catching on fire during the third take of a 1983 Pepsi commercial was played for jurors Thursday as a makeup artist

Michael Jackson: Choreographer testified he hadn't been molested

Michael Jackson estate lawyer: New molestation claim is 'pathetic'

Jackson's weight, absences were of concern, producer testifies

Jackson trial: AEG missed the warning signs

Cardiologist says Michael Jackson's doctor was unfit to save him

A cardiologist testifies that Michael Jackson's doctor gave his famous patient incorrect treatment.