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See ya later, alligator

Reggie, the famously elusive alligator, is returned to his habitat at the Los Angeles Zoo by Ian Recchio, supervisor for reptiles, and other workers. The 7-1/2-foot-long Reggie, who evaded capture for nearly two years in Lake Machado in Harbor City, was on the lam again Wednesday. He is believed to have escaped his habitat overnight before he was found near a loading dock. (Robert Lachman / LAT)
Reggie returns to the water in his L.A. Zoo enclosure after a sojourn outside his habitat. “It’s been so warm lately and alligators are all nocturnal, so Reggie was just moving around, checking things out, just exploring when he escaped,” zoo Director John Lewis says. (Robert Lachman / LAT)
Reggie was introduced to his new home Aug. 9 by Ian Recchio, the L.A. Zoo’s supervisor for reptiles. The alligator is believed to have been dumped illegally in Lake Machado in Harbor City in 2005 by his owners after he outgrew a backyard pool. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
Reggie tests the waters of his new habitat. (Mel Melcon / LAT)