#SanBernadino has been shared over 333,000 times even though it’s misspelled

In the hours following the San Bernardino mass shooting that killed at least 14, a hashtag chronicling the developing story began trending on Twitter. The only problem? It was misspelled.

What should have been a hashtag of #SanBernardino became #SanBernadino.

The incorrect hashtag has now been used more than 333,000 times, according to Twitter.

The misspelling offended some who said it showed a lack of respect for the city. San Bernardino is the poorest city of its size in California and in its fourth year of bankruptcy. The Times recently wrote a series about the troubled city.

Others in search of information on the shooting were frustrated that the misspelling kept them from finding the hashtag.

Many news organizations noted the misspelling and some chose to use the correct hashtag instead. NPR’s main account tweeted that the organization would be using the correctly spelled hashtag after realizing the error.

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