What you need to know about the 15 wildfires across California

Firefighters monitor flames above California 299 while battling the Carr fire west of Redding on Monday.
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There are 15 serious wildfires burning throughout California.

For the record:

11:05 a.m. July 30, 2018An earlier version of this article stated that Yosemite National Park was closed due to the fire. Only parts of the park, including Yosemite Valley, are closed.

As of Tuesday, 12,300 firefighters were on the lines battling infernos that have burned more than 280,000 acres across the state.

“It’s a horrendous battle,” said Scott McLean, a deputy chief with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.


“Last week alone, during the week, you had over 1,000 wildfire responses,” he said. “Commonly this time of year it’s maybe 250 to 300.”

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Carr fire

Location: Shasta County

Damage: Burned more than 110,150 acres and more than 1,236 structures

Deaths: At least six people

Cranston fire

Location: San Jacinto Mountains

Damage: Burned 13,500 acres and several homes

Ferguson fire

Location: Near Yosemite National Park

Damage: Burned 57,800 acres and closed portions of the park

Deaths: Two firefighters

River fire

Location: Mendocino County

Damage: Burned 27,000 acres and four homes

Ranch fire

Location: Mendocino County

Damage: Burned 47,300 acres

Steele fire

Location: Napa County

Damage: Burned 150 acres and seven structures

Natches fire

Location: California-Oregon border

Damage: More than 5,000 acres

The death toll

Braden Varney, 36, bulldozer operator

Varney’s bulldozer tumbled down a hillside during the building of a defensive line in the Ferguson fire.

Brian Hughes, 33, captain of Arrowhead Interagency Hotshots


Hughes was killed when a tree fell on him during a tactical firing operation in the Ferguson fire.

Melody Bledsoe, Emily Roberts and James Roberts

Bledsoe and her two great-grandchildren were killed when fire swept into their home in Redding.

Jeremy Stoke, 37, Redding fire inspector

Stoke was killed during the Carr fire.

Don Ray Smith, 81, bulldozer operator

Smith was overtaken by flames during the Carr fire.



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July 31, 12:05 p.m.: This article was updated with the latest information on fire damage.

This article was originally published July 30 at 8 a.m.