Bear cub rescued after getting stuck in unlocked truck


We’re pretty sure Meatball the bear wasn’t trying to make a great escape. Maybe it was his alter ego?

A bear cub had to be rescued Wednesday evening after somehow managing to get stuck in an unlocked truck in Truckee, a town outside north Lake Tahoe, Fox 40 Sacramento reported.

Truckee police say it somehow got inside and the door shut behind it. Officers were able to quickly release the bear -- but not before it did some damage.


They found the passenger door panel mangled.

Officials said people in areas frequented by bears should keep doors locked and not leave behind food or anything else that will attract them.

Meatball, the bear that captured the fancy of Southern California after multiple dumpster-diving forays into Glendale last year, remains safe and sound at Lions Tigers & Bears animal sanctuary in Alpine.


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