2 alleged Bill Cosby sex assault victims join effort to unseal his entire deposition


Two women who claim they were sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby said Monday they are joining an effort to unseal an entire 2005 deposition he gave, in which he admitted giving Quaaludes to women with whom he wanted to have sex.

Beth Ferrier and Rebecca Lynn Neal, who both claim they were drugged and sexually assaulted by the comedian decades ago, said they are joining the effort by a woman who sued Cosby in 2005 in Pennsylvania.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 17 alleged Cosby victims, said her firm filed a memorandum in support of efforts to release Cosby’s entire transcript to see what he stated about them.


“We will pursue Mr. Cosby until the full truth comes out,” said Ferrier, who alleges she was assaulted in Denver in 1986 and is one of 13 Jane Does in the 2005 case.

“It is important for the world to know the truth that Bill Cosby hunted me like a predator... in recently released excepts he admits he was with me in Denver and he probably had sex with me,” she said Monday at a Los Angeles news conference with Allred.

Ferrier, who was Jane Doe No. 5, has said she believes Cosby had sex with her after putting a drug in her coffee. Ferrier said she told the National Enquirer in 2005, but the tabloid did not run her story, instead choosing to publish an interview with the performer.

Allred said the women are seeking to have the entire deposition unsealed so they can defend themselves. She said neither of the women took any drugs voluntarily.

Neal said she was assaulted by Cosby in 1983 when she a masseur at a Las Vegas health club.

“I am surprised he does not remember me,” she said during the news conference. “He wanted me to come to a show.”


Neal says she was so drugged, her roommate found her the next day in her car.

“I didn’t wake up until the next evening,” she said.

She broke down in tears Monday as she recounted the times she would see Cosby on TV.

“I thought, who would believe me that Bill Cosby was a serial rapist who used drugs to assault unsuspecting women,” she said.

The 2005 lawsuit was filed by a Temple University staffer, who claimed Cosby drugged and groped her during a 2004 visit to his Philadelphia home.

During that case, 13 other women, including Ferrier and Neal, came forward with similar stories. But the Temple University woman’s attorney settled the case out of court in 2006.

Her attorneys have now asked that the entire deposition be made public because, they argue, Cosby has violated a confidential agreement.

A judge last week unsealed part of Cosby’s deposition contained in court motions at the request of the Associated Press.

Attorneys for Cosby, 77, are currently asking the California Supreme Court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a woman who alleges she was molested as a 15-year-old at the Playboy Mansion in 1974.

Judy Huth, who has publicly identified herself, is one of 47 women to accuse the comedian of sexual abuse. But most are beyond the statute of limitations.

Los Angeles police interviewed Huth, but prosecutors determined it was beyond statute from 1972, as has been the case so far with accusations nationwide.

Cosby also faces a defamation suit by model Janice Dickinson for his team’s response after she accused him of attacking her.

John Manly, an attorney who has handled hundreds of civil sexual abuse cases, said Cosby’s deposition may prove even more helpful in Dickinson’s defamation suit against Cosby.

“There is no legitimate reason he would be giving women Quaaludes before sex except to suppress their ability to consent,” he said. “I would expect law enforcement to take a serious look at Mr. Cosby.”

Los Angeles police are also investigating a 2008 allegation.

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