1-year-old boy is fatally mauled by 2 dogs in Fresno

A 1-year-old boy who wandered out of his grandparents’ house in Fresno was fatally mauled in their frontyard by two roaming dogs Friday, authorities said.

Fresno Police Lt. Mark Hudson said other children in the house alerted the boy’s grandmother to the attack. She ran outside and tried to get the Rottweilers off the child and was also attacked.

Hudson said the boy’s grandfather used a hose to drive the dogs off.

Officers who responded to the attack performed CPR on the boy. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


Animal control officers found the dogs several blocks away. Investigators were trying to determine whether they were strays or had an owner, Hudson said.

He had no immediate information on the extent of the grandmother’s injuries.