Authorities probe death of baby allegedly left in SUV by father

Authorities are investigating whether a father in Carson may have accidentally left his 5-month-old son in a family vehicle where the infant eventually died.

There have been no arrests made in the incident in the 19000 block of Cliveden Avenue.

Police received a call from the infant’s panicked father Monday afternoon. The father had driven home with his son in his SUV but left the infant in the vehicle when he went inside the home, KTLA reported.

The father later left the house but took a different car.


“He was away from home, and realized the child may have been unintentionally left in the vehicle and called” authorities, Lt. Dave Coleman told CBS.

Coroner’s officials Tuesday identified the baby as Seth Cayton.

Deputies rushed to the family home, smashed the SUV’s rear windshield and tried to save the infant, but it was too late and the child was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It’s got to be a freak accident,” neighbor Juanita Looney told CBS. “I just can’t see no person like that doing anything deliberately to their child.”


The parents have been questioned but not arrested and the investigation is ongoing. An autopsy is expected later this week.


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