CicLAvia: Some abandon cars for bikes, others make money

Ethan Gibbel, 7, and friends turn lemonade into cash at CicLAvia event.
(Adolfo Flores / Los Angeles Times)

Most participants saw CicLAvia as a chance to leave their cars home for the day and enjoy Los Angeles on bikes, skates or on foot.

But Ethan Gibbel and his friend Cole Tingson, both 7, saw a business opportunity. With thousands participating in Sunday’s bike festival, they set up a lemonade stand near Wilshire Boulevard and Detroit Street.

Only 75 cents a cup.

“It’s a joint venture,” Gibbel said. The words “Ethan’s Lemonde Stand” emblazoned on the wobbly sign didn’t seem to deter customers.


“No one has noticed the misspelling yet,” he said, smiling.

The last time Gibbel set up a lemonade stand, he made $287. This time he hopes to make $300.

What does he plan to do with the money?

“Buy your mom a gift,” his mother, Donna Gibbel, says from behind the booth.

“No, I’ll save it for college and put it in my bank account,” Ethan said.

Tingson said he was hoping to make $50 on Sunday. His chocolate chip cookies were going for $1 a pop.

“I’ll save it for … a big party,” Tingson said. “I’ll buy stuff for the party.”

They weren’t the only ones making money.

Their friend, Madison Cervantes, 10, set up a similar stand a few blocks away. She was hoping to raise money to help her school, West Hollywood Elementary, plant grass on the campus’ all-concrete playground.

“The school doesn’t know I’m fundraising, so it’s a little surprise,” Cervantes said. “I want to raise at least $60.”

“Or $60,000,” said her mother, Blake Cervantes, laughing.


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