Dispute at McDonald’s drive-thru leads to arrest

A dispute that began in the drive-thru lane at a McDonald’s restaurant left one man on life support at a hospital and another under arrest on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said.

Jorge Alberto-Rocha Osuna, 26, of National City, is on life support, the department said and Darius Watkins-Risberg, 19, of Spring Valley, was arrested and booked into county jail.

The incident began after midnight Monday at the McDonald’s in the unincorporated area of La Mesa in eastern San Diego County.

Two men in a car were waiting for their food order when two other cars  pulled behind their vehicle and a man got out from one of those cars and began banging on the windows of the restaurant and the first car, the Sheriff’s Department said.


Two men then got out of the first car and told the man who was banging on their car to stop. A verbal argument turned into a fist-fight, according to authorities.

The two men got back into their car and drove home, but were followed by the two cars that had pulled behind them at the drive-thru, the department said.

One of the following car’s drivers “started revving their engines and squealing their tires,” the Sheriff’s Department said.

One of the cars backed up and pinned Osuna against a wall before fleeing the scene. Osuna was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital.