Newsletter: Is the San Andreas ready to wake up?

Good morning. It is Saturday, Oct. 1. Here’s what you don’t want to miss this weekend:


An ominous warning: An unusual swarm of small earthquakes — more than 200 in all — under the Salton Sea has heightened the risk of a major quake on the San Andreas fault for the next few days, scientists say. Seismologists say the quakes occurred near the southern end of the infamous fault, which is long overdue for a massive quake. Los Angeles Times

Video released: After a night of violent protests, El Cajon police released cellphone and surveillance video showing the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. The video provides more context about the moments before the fatal encounter on Tuesday. Police have said the man held his hands together in a “shooting stance,” prompting an officer to open fire. He was holding an electronic cigarette, they said. Los Angeles Times


Tougher rape laws: After outrage over the six-month sentence for sexual assault given to former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday broadened the power of judges to treat sex crimes as rape at sentencing and agreed that the crime’s punishment must include time in state prison. Los Angeles Times

Pasadena protest: As a crowd of protesters shouted at investigators Friday, homicide detectives said the man who died in a struggle with Pasadena police had been struck with Tasers and restrained after officers were told he had a knife and may be using drugs. Los Angeles Times

Differing perceptions: When a black person is shot and killed by police, blacks tend to see it as a sign of a deeper problem between law enforcement and their community. By contrast, whites are much more likely than blacks to view the fatal shooting as an isolated incident. That according to a new Pew study. Los Angeles Times

An alternative history: The man who really wasn’t impressed by In-N-Out Burger. “The ‘secret menu’? It’s listed on the website.” Thrillist


A bumpy ride: Hyperloop, the outlandish mass transit concept for California, is having some early struggles. Is it a harbinger of things to come? Los Angeles Times

On the rise: Tijuana is having a high-rise condo boom. Is it the next Miami? San Diego Union-Tribune

Ready for his closeup: China’s richest man is moving in on Hollywood. Los Angeles Times

Another run at glory: California Chrome hasn’t been put out to pasture quite yet. New York Times


Away from it all: Want to have a pristine Sierra mountain lake all to yourself? Here’s how — but it could be painful. SFGate

Furry community: The Orange County group has put some events on hold following a triple murder involving members of the group. Los Angeles Times


Inside the wildfire that just won’t die: In the rugged hills of Monterey County, firefighters can’t contain a fire that has been burning for more than two months. It’s now one of the most expensive fires to fight in U.S. history. Los Angeles Times


A different route: He was once a body builder in the league of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But fate had different plans for Bill Pettis. Los Angeles Magazine

A footnote in James Dean’s fateful last trip is gone: The gas station in the Valley where he fueled up his sports car for the last time is being demolished. Here’s the untold story of the gas station and the legend. LA Observed

The legacy of John Muir: His impressions of California Indians left a long shadow. KCET



Sunday: The “Big Draw” art event at the Music Center in downtown L.A.

Tuesday: Members of the Tournament of Roses court will be announced.

Friday: The “Future Cities” summit to discuss development and architecture, held by the Los Angeles Times.

Saturday: Grand opening of the Strategy and Soul Center, a community facility, in South L.A.


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