Newsletter: Sacramento is reeling over a video possibly showing officers trying to run over a mentally ill man

It’s Monday, Oct. 3, and here’s what’s going on around California.


Shocking tape: In a week of controversial police incidents involving black men in California, one in Sacramento is getting closer scrutiny. A video emerged that possibly shows two Sacramento police officers trying to run over a mentally ill man before fatally shooting him. Police use-of-force experts say the officers’ words and actions are highly troubling. LA Times

Rail boom math: The proposed tax increase to dramatically expand Los Angeles County’s growing network of light rail lines is expected to generate significant voter support in the Westside and central L.A. areas. But for Measure M to win, it will need support from a more skeptical audience: the South Bay and southeast L.A. County, which have traditionally been more cool to transit taxes. LA Times



Pasadena’s crucible: The death of an African American man at the hands of Pasadena police has brought soul searching in the city about the state of race relations. Some activists say Pasadena’s black community has historically felt mistreated. But city officials argue they’ve been making progress and urged residents not to pass judgment too early. LA Times

Foodie noise: Looking at restaurants with a focus on noise, not food. “How do you keep kitchen noise out of a Beethoven sonata? That was the question Martin Newson faced when he began designing the acoustic insulation for Patina, a high-end French restaurant located inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall.” California Sunday Magazine

‘Get back to the ballgame’: Vin Scully called his final game in, ugh, San Francisco. But for many, it was still magical. ''Now stop jabbering Scully and get back to the ballgame,’' he said at one point. Sporting News


Plus: A Vin Scully map of L.A., and the story of Sandi Scully. NY Times

Going places: The Gold Line was just recently expanded to Azusa. But officials are already getting ready for the next stop: Montclair. SGV Tribune


Asians & GOP: Donald Trump’s talk of walls and immigration crackdowns appears to have heightened a trend of Asian Americans moving toward the Democratic column. Some Republicans see it as a missed opportunity. NY Times


Tobacco politics: Is California’s proposed cigarette tax the one regressive tax that makes sense? Or is it one more way to hurt the poor? CalMatters

Decider: An inside look at how Jerry Brown decides whether to sign all those bills. LA Times

Hidden cost: All those ceremonial resolutions state legislators hand out seem harmless. But there is special interest money behind many of them. SF Chronicle



Shooting questions: The fatal shooting of an 18-year-old by Los Angeles police in South L.A. has sparked protests and questions. Some demonstrators apparently egged Mayor Eric Garcetti’s house where a protest was held. Police have released few details about the shooting. LA Times

Legal drama: The bizarre case of the sex offender who is suing his victim over the Facebook post that called him a rapist. Sacramento Bee


Where’s the water? The great lakes of the San Bernardino Mountains are draining. Mighty Big Bear Lake has lost half its water volume since 2011. Blame the drought. The Sun


Fire season: Why October is traditionally the most dangerous wildfire month of the year in California. Mercury News


Sister cities: Vancouver, or “Hollywood North,” has always had something of a rivalrous relationship with Los Angeles. But should L.A. be looking to Vancouver as both a model and a cautionary tale? “Take it from us: When global capital is set loose on housing and land, things quickly stop making sense. What you thought was a home is suddenly a commodity. What you thought was a city is suddenly a pawn in an international finance chess game.” LA Times

Revolution+40: Four decades later, the big winner of Proposition 13 is clear: The wealthy. LA Times



Dark side of that dinner: Blue Apron promised to change the way you ate dinner with boxed ready-to-cook meals. But amid a big expansion, the company has dealt with health and safety issues and unhappy workers. Buzzfeed

Water war: The small town of Weed in Northern California might lose its water supply and a timber company may want to sell it to the highest bidder. NY Times

Food musings: Why Sriracha might never go out of style. Pacific Standard


Actor’s drama: Robin Williams’ wife writes about the actor’s struggles with dementia. She titles it “The terrorist inside my husband’s brain.” Neurology

L.A. son: Roy Lichtenstein grew up on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where he lived most of his life. But for more than 25 years, Lichtenstein had a love affair with Los Angeles. LA Times

A fixture: A tribute to “The Lava Lady,” a true L.A. original. Antebellum

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