FBI seized guns, ammo, computer and notebook from home of San Bernardino shooters


FBI agents who searched the Redlands home of the shooters involved in a San Bernardino attack earlier this week removed a .22 caliber rifle, dozens of boxes of ammunition, weapons accessories, invoices from two gun sellers, a laptop computer and several data storage devices, according to an inventory the FBI left behind at the scene.

Other seemingly more mundane items removed from the home included Christmas lights, an iPhone, a bank receipt, audio cassettes and a notebook with foreign language writing. From a black Lexus parked nearby the agents took shooting targets, a U-Haul receipt, packaging for a Go Pro camera, legal documents and other items.

The weapons invoices came from Cheaper Than Dirt and, but the document left at the home did not say what purchases the invoices were for.


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Cheaper Than Dirt is a “shooting sports discounter” based in Fort Worth, Texas, that sells guns, ammunition and tactical gear over the phone and online, according to its website. Among its wares are camouflage armored vests, high-capacity magazines and an array of semi-automatic rifles. Its logo features a speeding bullet.

“Bringing a firearm into your home is one of the most important decisions you can make,” a woman said in a peppy tone on the company’s message for callers waiting on hold. She later adds: “Federal law requires all firearms are to be shipped to federally licensed firearm dealers only.”

Reached by email, Chief Operating Officer Roberta Wilson declined to comment on whether Cheaper Than Dirt sold anything to Syed Rizwan Farook or Tashfeen Malik.

An employee who answered the phone for said she could not comment.

Not long after reporters were able to review the FBI inventory left at the Redlands home, a ticker at the top of the shop’s Web page showed 2,668 customers were currently online.

The site, which assures customers that “purchasing a gun online is really, very easy,” includes a specific section focused on helping Californians buy guns.


“Due to the amount of restrictions the State of California has placed for the ownership of firearms,” the site reads, “we have dedicated an entire category of our website to help get you the firearms you need! You can find some of our 100% verified California legal firearms in the categories below.”


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