Garcetti outspending Greuel in last days of mayoral race

Eric Garcetti outspent Wendy Greuel on the airwaves, in voter outreach and other campaign efforts in the closing days of the mayoral contest, with outlays of $2.7 million to Greuel’s $426,000, according to campaign reports filed late Friday with the city’s ethics commission.

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Garcetti reported raising $635,238 between May 5 and Wednesday, and having $234,079 cash on hand and $277,157 in debt. Greuel, in comparison, reported raising $396,524 in the same time period, leaving her with $295,438 cash on hand and $582,038 in debt, according to campaign filings.

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Greuel’s financial disadvantage is indirectly offset by the support she has received from independent committees that can receive unlimited donations as long as they do not coordinate with a candidate’s campaign. Such groups have spent more than $6 million boosting Greuel’s bid, millions more than pro-Garcetti groups.


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