Giant pumpkin, nearly a ton, squashes record in California weigh-in


There are giant pumpkins, and then there are giant pumpkins that weigh more than a small car, pack on 50 pounds a day and require a forklift to move. On Monday, a California tournament crowned a new record holder.

Weighing in at 1,985 pounds, Gary Miller’s giant gourd set a new record Monday for a California pumpkin at the annual Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Weigh-off.

At one point during its furious 100-day growth cycle, the pumpkin was adding 50 pounds every 24 hours to end up weighing more than a two-seat Smart car.


Linus van Pelt, eat your heart out.

“I am so happy,” Miller told the Bay Area’s KRON-TV. “This is the coolest thing I have ever done.”

Beating out 54 other giant entries for the title also brought Miller, of Napa, a $11,910 cash prize -- $6 for every pound.

Miller’s pumpkin shattered last year’s record-setting gourd, which weighed in at 1,775 pounds.

Still, it wasn’t enough for the world record. That title was taken by Napa resident Tim Mathison on Saturday at a separate competition, where he unveiled a 2,032-pound gourd.

Besides bragging rights, there can be some serious money involved for the winners. The San Jose Mercury News reported that Mathison this month has already won nearly $29,000. If his world record stands through the weighing season ending Nov. 1, he’ll also get a $15,776 bonus from contest host Uesugi Farms near Morgan Hill.



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