4-year-old girl struck by lifeguard truck on Coronado beach

A lifeguard truck ran over a child in Coronado on July 8, according to authorities.

A lifeguard truck ran over a 4-year-old girl on a San Diego-area beach Monday evening, authorities say.

It happened at about 6:15 p.m. in Coronado. There was no immediate word on the girl’s condition.

City Fire Chief Jim Lydon tells the San Diego Union-Tribune that lifeguards were patrolling in a pickup truck that maneuvered around a berm near Dog Beach.

Lydon says the truck came around the back of the berm and hit a girl crouched in the sand whom the lifeguards hadn’t seen.

Lydon says the truck went over the top of the girl with both tires on the driver’s side.


Lifeguards and then paramedics provided aid until the girl was taken to the hospital.

Police are investigating the incident.