Glendale to study bridges linking to Griffith Park, Atwater Village

Glendale has retained an engineering firm to study the potential construction of bridges along a section of the Los Angeles River, including one that may connect to Griffith Park.

The bridges are part of a larger plan to connect the Glendale Narrows Riverwalk -- the first phase that includes a half-mile trail, equestrian and park facilities -- to other open space areas and amenities.

The $1.4-million second phase includes extending the current half-mile trail that begins near Bette Davis Park and ends at Flower Street, bridging over a storm drain to Fairmont Avenue as well as an overlook over the Verdugo Wash confluence, where the Verdugo Wash and the Los Angeles River connect just north of the Ventura (134) Freeway.

The second phase will be funded by Los Angeles County and the state, the Glendale News-Press reported.

“It’s going to be very scenic,” said Community Services & Parks director Jess Duran at a City Council meeting Tuesday.


The city is pursuing the project as a way to provide a “significant regional trail” within Glendale, as well as a link to Griffith Park and other outside trails that are now separated by the rivers and freeways, according to a city report.

Phase 3, however, is a much bigger project and “much more complicated,” Duran said.

The project would extend the trail over the Los Angeles River to Atwater Village or Griffith Park along one or two bridges, which could cost $10 million. Funding for that phase is not currently available and faces a skeptical mayor.

“I do not support a bridge over the river,” Dave Weaver told his colleagues on the council Tuesday.

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Brittany Levine is a Times Community News staff writer.