Police investigate overcrowded Hancock Park home

Police are investigating a possibly illegal “board and care” operation at a home in Hancock Park, where at least two people with felony warrants were found.

About 20 people were living in the residence, including some who were on parole, said Los Angeles police Sgt. Matt McNulty.

Around 6:15 a.m. Friday, the LAPD received a call from a witness who believed a possible robbery was occurring in the 500 block of North Highland Avenue, said LAPD spokeswoman Wendy Reyes.


The witness saw three male suspects enter a house, Reyes said.

Shortly after the call, police detained three individuals found running away from the location. They also asked the residents of the home to exit while they searched it.

People were seen handcuffed in front of the home, which appeared to be in relative disrepair compared with others on the block.

The LAPD is continuing to check the records for all residents, McNulty said.


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