Heat wave bearing down on L.A.; temps could reach 90 downtown

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If you’re out of sunscreen, stock up. An unusual three-day heat wave due later this week has weather experts predicting temperatures in the Los Angeles area will be approaching 90 degrees.

The searing heat is likely to have a prelude Wednesday, when a combination of high pressure and offshore winds should send temperatures into the upper 70s.

That will be followed by three days when highs in downtown Los Angeles are expected to be well into the 80s, according to Stuart Seto of the National Weather Service.


Seto said the peak will likely come on Friday, which should see a high of 89 degrees downtown. He said the temperatures are typical of what L.A. gets in July and August.

“It will be about 14 degrees above normal for this period,” Seto said.

In addition to the heat, Santa Ana-like winds are expected to pick up later in the week.

Wednesday through Friday are expected to be the hottest three days since a period early last November, Seto said. Sunday should see a return to more normal weather, with the possibility of sprinkles throughout L.A. County.

The weather service is also warning of an elevated fire danger through the week.

Southern California is heading toward its fourth-driest year since 1877, leaving trees and foliage drier than normal and fire departments anxiously readying for battle.


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