KTLA reporter screams as man rushes at her on live TV; he made ‘sexual remark,’ police say


A KTLA journalist’s live report on the death of David Bowie from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame was interrupted Monday night when a man abruptly came up to her and made a lewd remark, police said.

Channel 5’s Mary Beth McDade had just begun her live report at 10:07 p.m. when a man in a hooded sweatshirt walked up from behind and nearly made physical contact with her, causing her to scream, according to video of the incident.

The man was one of several people milling in the background during her on-camera segment.


In the moments before the incident, McDade spoke of Bowie to anchors Rick Chambers and Cher Calvin as she was about to introduce a taped piece. “Rick and Cher, you know, he was known for breaking down barriers, and ... “

A scream was heard as the camera swiftly panned away, shakily pointing to the station’s news van, before catching the man running away.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Officer Mike Lopez said it was believed the man had brushed up against her while making some offensive, sexual remark. Further investigation revealed the man never touched McDade, Lopez told The Times on Tuesday morning.

Lopez said the incident was not considered “an attack.” No one was injured, and officers from the LAPD’s Hollywood Division went to the scene, he said.

Police are investigating the incident as disturbing the peace, Lopez said.


According to a statement posted on Twitter by the station’s news desk, McDade “is OK” and video of the incident was being handed over to police.

McDade later tweeted: “Hi!! Thank you all for your concern!! :) I am alright! And thank u #lapd for taking a report.”

Staff writer Joseph Serna contributed to this report.

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