Northern California man punches bear to protect his pet Chihuahua

Carl Moore couldn’t bear the idea of his Chihuahua being eaten. So he punched the 300-pound black bear that tried to snack on the tiny dog.

The 73-year-old said the bear had come onto his Meadow Vista, Calif., property, KTXL-TV reported.

The bear tried to slip under a gate and get the frightened pet.

Moore hurried toward the gate and raised his arms as the bear turned toward him.


At that moment, many people would have debated whether to run away or play dead. But not Carl Moore.

One man who spoke with KTXL-TV said Moore was a boxer whose “right hand has sent a lot of people to the floor.”

Carl Moore turned into Archie Moore -- figuratively speaking -- and took a swing. The bear scampered away.

Moore believes the bear is responsible for killing and eating his chickens.


But he promises to call authorities the next time he comes across the bear.

Against a bear, a man can’t always count on a puncher’s chance.

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