Search underway for Marine who bailed out of Osprey in Persian Gulf

An MV-22 Osprey similar to the one which a Marine was forced to bail out of in the Persian Gulf.
(Gregory Bull / Associated Press)

A search is underway in the Persian Gulf for a Marine who was forced to bail out of an MV-22 Osprey that was in danger of crashing, the Department of Defense said Wednesday.

A second Marine who also bailed out of the aircraft was rescued. The search for the missing Marine is being conducted by Navy ships, aircraft and boats.

The Osprey was attempting to take off from from the amphibious assault ship Makin Island when it lost power and appeared on the verge of crashing.

The pilot, however, was able to regain control and land aboard the Makin Island.


The Makin Island is part of the Camp Pendleton-based 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit now on a routine mission in the U.S. Central Command area.

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