Message in bottle from Hawaii washes up in California 4 years later

It took the high California surf to finally deliver a bottle containing a message written four years ago in Hawaii.

David Wilson told KEYT in San Luis Obispo that he found the bottle during a fishing trip at Shell Beach last weekend with his girlfriend and her daughter.

The beach was empty as they fished on the shoreline, trying to stay clear of the huge surf. At one point, they were hit by a wave and he lost a shoe as the water surged.


But as he searched for his lost shoe, he found the bottle.

Inside the clear bottle, he said, was a tattered, handwritten invitation to a girl’s birthday party in Maui.

The bottle had apparently been lost at sea for four years, following the girl’s party in 2010.

Now, Wilson’s girlfriend and her daughter, Kaya, are hoping to get in touch with the girl in Hawaii, though all they know at this point is that her name is Safina, and her mother is possibly named Kim.

Kaya told KEYT that she wants to talk the girl because “she would just be really excited that somebody actually found it.”

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