Snowstorm in Northeast disrupts flights into and out of LAX

Officials at Los Angeles International Airport -- and the travelers who want to use it as a gateway -- are hoping Friday will bring fewer flight cancellations to and from northeastern airports affected by a severe winter storm.

In a statement released early Friday, Los Angeles World Airports officials said airlines were reporting just five flight cancellations between midnight and noon, including four arriving flights from northeastern airports and one departing flight to New York's JFK airport.

"Unless weather conditions in the Northeast change significantly from what is currently forecast, airlines do not expect additional flight cancellations after ... noon today," according to the statement.


Friday's prediction of roughly five canceled flights would be far lower than Thursday, which saw 41 departing and arriving flights canceled because of the storm.

The cancellations affected an estimated 5,535 passengers on what was the final -- and one of the busiest -- days of the 14-day holiday travel period that began Dec. 20, according to LAWA officials.

They advised travelers to check the status of their flights with their airline.

Airlines are expected to reroute passengers displaced by Thursday's canceled flights throughout this weekend.

Across the nation on Thursday, a total 2,366 flights were canceled within, into or out of the U.S., according to the website FlightAware, which tracks flight cancellations and delays.

According to the National Weather Service, heavy snowfall was forecast to slow down Friday morning across the Northeastern states, but there will still be temperatures "well below normal."