‘Killed them all, of course,’ Robert Durst says in HBO finale


A six-part HBO documentary series about New York real estate scion Robert Durst’s links to three killings concluded in dramatic fashion Sunday with Durst being caught on microphone muttering to himself,” Killed them all, of course.”

Durst, having just been confronted with similarities between the handwriting on an envelope he admits writing and an anonymous note alerting authorities to the killing of his friend Susan Berman, said as he went to the bathroom: “There it is, you’re caught.”

“What a disaster,” he said at another point, having finished a final interview with the HBO team.


Timeline: The twists and turns of Robert Durst

The episode revolved around similarities between an envelope from a 1999 letter Durst sent to Berman, a crime writer, and an anonymous note sent to Beverly Hills police at the time of the December 2000 killing alerting them they would find “a cadaver” in Berman’s house.

Both were written in distinctive block handwriting. And in both the writer made the same mistake, misspelling the word “Beverley.”

Durst admitted during Sunday’s finale that he wrote the envelope with Berman’s address but denied writing the note that went to police. Director Andrew Jarecki held up blown-up versions of the misspelled city from each and asked, “Can you tell me which one you didn’t write?”

“No,” Durst responds.

Police have been wanting to talk to Robert Durst about Berman’s slaying for 15 years.

The HBO documentary series appeared to have jolted the cold case and Durst was arrested in New Orleans on Saturday on a murder warrant related to Berman’s slaying. A source in law enforcement said information uncovered in the program played a role in the investigation.

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