Six decapitated goats found on Northern California bike trail

Something strange is happening in Northern California, and authorities can’t quite figure it out.

Over the last two months, animal control investigators in Sacramento have found at least one dead animal every other week at a local park.

But this week’s discovery was particularly grim.

They found six decapitated goats on a bike trail in north Sacramento. The two adult goats and their offspring were bagged and dumped on the trail, said Gina Knepp, manager of Sacramento’s Animal Care Services.


“It’s just weird,” she said. “I can’t think of a better word to describe it.”

The latest findings follow a string of bizarre cases in Sacramento.

A dead goat, headless chickens, a decapitated sheep and a dead tortoise have been found at Reichmuth Park.

Animal control officials don’t know who is dumping the animals or why, but they have some theories.

Knepp said she doesn’t believe the incidents at Reichmuth Park and the bike trail are related.

She said the findings at Reichmuth Park appear to be ceremonial. She said she is concerned the dead tortoise could have been used in a Santería ceremony. Santeria is a ritualistic faith of the Caribbean.

The decapitated goats, she said, could have been used during Chinese New Year celebrations last Friday.

Animal control is working with police to find the person responsible for the dead animals, she said.

Anyone with information about the goats is asked to call Animal Care Services at (916) 808-8333.

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