South L.A. voters arrive at polls with firm opinions, research notes

Voters Tuesday trickled into St. Paul's Presbysterian church in South L.A. to cast their ballots after a torrent of campaign advertisements and record-breaking spending in the race for mayor of Los Angeles.

Many arrived with firm opinions and researched notes in hand. Beverly Galloway, 72, of Baldwin Vista said she voted for Wendy Greuel.


"I felt that she was honest, a leader that can't be dictated to," Galloway said. "I watched the debates, and I was impressed."

Forrest Jackson, 68, of Baldwin Hills, also said he voted for Wendy Greuel. "She appears to be pro-employee," he said.

But some voters expressed more cynicism.

Patricia Edwards, 90, of Baldwin Hill voted for Eric Garcetti because she concluded "he's the least of two evils."

"Gruel is connected with the unions and they have her in their pockets," said Edwards, who also brought notes with her to the polls. She had done her homework to understand Measure D, one of the three measures proposed to regulate medical marijuana, and said she could confidently vote yes for the measure.

Also on Tuesday's ballot are races for city attorney, city controller, City Council and the L.A. Unified and L.A. Community College District school boards, along with a handful of ballot measures. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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