Student protests shut down UC Santa Cruz campus

UC Santa Cruz students block traffic to protest tuition hikes on Tuesday.
(Dan Coyro / Associated Press)

UC Santa Cruz administrators have closed the campus after protesters demonstrating over tuition hikes blocked visitors from entering.

Students received this alert: “UCSC entrances blocked. Do not attempt to enter.”

Faculty also was told to stay off campus Thursday after protesters blocked entrances, cutting off Metro bus and all shuttle services.


This is the fourth day students took to the streets to protest tuition hikes, which were approved in November by the UC Board of Regents. Tuition will increase by as much as 5% over each of the next five years if state funding does not rise enough.

It all started Monday as part of the “96 Hours of Action” campaign when a small group of protesters held a noontime rally.

The next day, six UC Santa Cruz students were arrested after they blocked Highway 1, according to KSBW.

The protesters used their own bodies as well as chains, pipes and trash cans that held concrete to create a blockade. Crews broke up the blockade in part by using jackhammers.

The students were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy, creating a public nuisance and resisting arrest, according to UC Santa Cruz administrators.

“We strongly condemn this form of public protest and will exert our full responsibility as campus leaders to discourage its use in the future,” the university said.

On Wednesday, protests continued as students marched through campus. They gained some supporters, but others criticized them for disrupting traffic on Highway 1.

Supporter Dee Waid tweeted Thursday, “Solidarity to the UC Santa Cruz strike which starts today. We’re with you all! #ShutItDown.”

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