Viral video of scooter versus truck fight leads to DUI arrest of woman


A woman was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Huntington Beach after video of her screaming at her boyfriend, shoving him off his motorized scooter and running it over with her truck went viral on YouTube.

Laura Cox, 47, was arrested Monday on suspicion of driving under the influence in connection with the video, which was posted on YouTube the day before, said Huntington Beach police Lt. Kent Ferrin.

In the video, Cox’s boyfriend is seen sitting in his boxers on his scooter behind Cox’s truck telling her to calm down. In an interview with NBC Los Angeles, Cox’s boyfriend said he refused to move from behind her truck because he didn’t want her driving drunk. The man declined to identify himself.


In the video, Cox is seen going to the rear of the truck and screaming in her boyfriend’s ear to move before furiously slapping and kicking the rear of the vehicle. When he doesn’t budge, Cox shoves him with her shoulder, tipping him and his scooter over.

As Cox’s boyfriend spills onto the pavement and starts to get up, Cox is seen hustling back into the truck, starting the engine and backing it up, partially driving over the scooter.

“My scooter! My scooter!” Cox’s boyfriend screams.

Cox then appears to pull forward then back up again, hitting her boyfriend’s scooter and narrowly missing him.

The video is titled “Neighbors from hell” on YouTube.

“Usually, if I hear screaming, I know it’s her,” Sarah Oliver, the neighbor who posted the video, said in an interview with NBC. “I felt bad because he gets taken advantage of and she does attack him a lot, you know, and he doesn’t deserve it.”

Despite the confrontation, Cox’s boyfriend told the station he didn’t want his girlfriend prosecuted and said he wasn’t injured in the incident.

Still, Huntington Beach police arrested Cox, who is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. She was being held in lieu of $10,000 bail.


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