Woman walking her dogs is attacked by 3-legged wild boar

A woman was gored by a wild boar as she walked her dogs last week in a rural area of Northern California.

The unidentified woman is being treated for injuries suffered when the animal cut her arms and legs with its sharp tusks, Fox 40 reports.

“It came from behind and just knocked her down,” said Linda Bushey, a neighbor of the victim in Solano County.

After the attack, the woman “stayed hunkered down real quiet” with her two dogs, and the boar eventually left, said local rancher Tim Wellman.


The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating the incident, but Wellman and two others hunted and killed the boar.

Wellman said the boar was unmistakable. Its distinguishing trait was “one big foot track. Because it was three-legged, that foot had grown huge.”

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