San Diego police plan no action related to Padres-Dodgers brawl

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SAN DIEGO -- There were more than 24,000 witnesses at the location and many thousands more watching on television.

And there is video and lots of still pictures showing what happened.

But San Diego police plan no investigation or charges after the Padres-Dodgers brawl Thursday night at Petco Park that began when San Diego’s Carlos Quentin charged L.A. pitcher Zack Greinke after being hit by a pitch.

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Neither team has asked for a police investigation and the incident is now being handled by Major League Baseball, a police spokesman said Friday.

Greinke suffered a broken left collarbone after the shoulder-to-shoulder collision.

Criminal prosecutions for on-field violence are not unheard of, and indeed may be increasing, writes Glenn Wong, author of “Essentials of Sports Law.”

The question of criminal prosecutions vs. private remedies in baseball’s beanball wars was the focus of some legal scholarship in the Penn State Law Review.

“Overall, there are great acts of leniency and major inconsistencies in punishing professional baseball players,” the article concluded. “... The legal system should not turn a blind eye to the acts of professional athletes, no matter the sport and no matter the level.”


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