Bomb squad responds to pressure-cooker-like device in Silver Lake

An abandoned item appearing to be a pressure or rice cooker led a Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad to respond Wednesday to a Ralph’s parking lot in Silver Lake.

LAPD Officer Christopher No confirmed that the bomb squad responded to the 2500 block Glendale Boulevard near Fletcher Avenue about 12:20 p.m. after a suspicious package was found in the grocery store parking lot.

No did not characterize the nature of the item, but in aerial video still from KTLA, it appeared to be some kind of houseware such as a pressure cooker or rice cooker.


Authorities are taking no chances after two bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon on Monday killed three people and injured about 180 others.

Since the incident, the LAPD has responded to numerous reports of suspicious packages and a false threat. The bomb squad searched KTLA studios Tuesday night after someone contacted the LAPD and said they would detonate a bomb.

Early Wednesday, they were called to a parking structure at UCLA after someone accidentally left a metal briefcase there.

The LAPD used a robot to inspect the household item in Silver Lake but determined it was empty.


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