California Propositions 41, 42 pass in primary election

Sun Valley residents wait in line to vote at the polling station located at Our Lady of The Holy Church on election day at the Sun Valley's Latino district, Los Angeles County, on Nov. 6, 2012 in California.
(Joe Klamar / AFP/Getty Images)

California voters have approved Propositions 41 and 42, according to Associated Press.

The measures were placed on the ballot by the state Legislature.

With Proposition 41, lawmakers asked voters to bless a $600-million affordable housing program for veterans, in the form of low-interest loans and other financial assistance for local governments, nonprofits and developers, who in turn would provide affordable housing to veterans and their families.

Legislators intended to devote some of the money to transitional housing for homeless veterans.


With Proposition 42, lawmakers asked voters to transfer the cost of public access to local government activities and records from the state to those local governments and their agencies.

Current law requires Sacramento to absorb tens of millions of dollars a year in such costs, according to state estimates.