Brown’s war chest for propositions 1 and 2 grows to $10.7 million

Gov. Jerry Brown's campaign war chest for a state water bond and a rainy-day fund has grown to more than $10.7 million.
(Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)

Gov. Jerry Brown’s campaign war chest for two propositions on the November ballot has grown to more than $10.7 million, according to campaign filings with the state.

Brown, who is expected to cruise to reelection to a historic fourth bid in November, has made a priority of asking voters to approve Proposition 1, a $7.5-billion water-bond measure, and Proposition 2, a state rainy-day fund. He had raised more than $6 million for that campaign as of Sunday.

Donors included the co-founder of the Gap and her heirs, who have given $1.5 million, and Napster co-founder Sean Parker, who contributed $1 million.


New names on the list this week include venture capitalist John Doerr, who donated $475,000; the California Dental Assn., which gave $200,000; Julie Packard, the daughter of a co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, who contributed $100,000; Wal-Mart, which gave $100,000; and billionaire developer Rick Caruso, who chipped in $50,000.

Nearly $1.9 million came from Brown’s own candidacy account. A political spokesman for the governor said the sum took the form of an “in-kind, non-monetary” contribution: It paid for the television ads Brown began airing earlier this week touting both of the ballot measures.

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