Skelton: Prop 8 ruling signifies changing tides

Same-sex marriage supporters wave pride flags from a car as they drive by Market and Castro streets in San Francisco on Wednesday.
(Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

If you’re looking for reasons same-sex marriage is here to stay in California, look no further than Republican political consultant Rob Stutzman.

He ran the Proposition 22 campaign for a law banning gay unions in 2000, but he told columnist George Skelton he wouldn’t do that again. In fact, Stutzman said, the Republican Party in California should abandon the topic to appeal to younger voters who are more likely to approve of same-sex marriages.

“This issue has moved on. So move on,” he said. “Put your energies into a lot more important things.”

Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment that banned gay marriage after Proposition 22 was overturned by California’s highest court, was invalidated by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling Wednesday.


“It’s doubtful this issue ever will return to the ballot in California,” Skelton writes.

He adds, “Gay marriage supporters, now that they’ve essentially been given a license to wed by the Supreme Court, don’t need a ballot measure. And opponents have had their proposed ban ruled unconstitutional.”

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