Colorado pot industry tally: Millions of edibles, tons of sales

Marijuana plants in their flower cycle at the Growing Kitchen in Lafayette, Colo.
(Ivan Couronne / AFP/Getty Images)

Colorado has issued its first report giving a detailed look at the inaugural year of the state’s legalized recreational pot industry.

It turns out that edibles are in high demand, August was the biggest month for medical marijuana sales and it could be that holiday cheer had a whole new meaning in 2014 with retail pot sales the highest in December.

The report released Friday by the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division tallied up the numbers:


2,850,733 -- units of retail edible products sold.

1,964,917 -- units of medical edible products sold.

216,802 -- average retail plants cultivated in December, the month with the highest retail growth last year.

148,000 -- approximate pounds of marijuana flower sold in the regulated market.

110 -- percent increase in retail business licenses.

98.2 -- percent pass rate for potency tests on edibles.

6 -- percent increase in medical business licenses.

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