New details revealed in fatal Oregon hit-and-run

An Oregon woman has been charged with manslaughter after she ran over a man and drove 11 blocks with him on the roof of her car, police said.

New details in the hit-and-run were released this week in an affidavit filed in the case against the driver’s husband, who is accused of tampering with evidence.

Daniel Ortiz-Reynaga, 67, had come from Mexico to spend Christmas with his son, Julio Ortiz, 39, and his family. The men were crossing a major five-lane street in Springfield on Dec. 11 when a Honda Civic driven by Isabel McDaniel struck them, police said.


Ortiz was sideswiped and slightly injured. But his father was launched into the air and landed on the roof of the car, shattering the windshield, Springfield Police Sgt. David Lewis told the Los Angeles Times.

“There was no way she didn’t know he was still up there,” he said. “There was blood inside the dashboard.”

McDaniel drove 11 blocks with Ortiz-Reynaga on her roof before she pulled onto a side road and dragged his body off her car, Lewis said. She then drove seven to eight blocks and hid her car near a used car shop where her husband worked, he said.

Her husband, Gary McDaniel, put a tarp over the car and used a trailer to transport it about 15 miles to their home in Veneta, where he washed the blood off the roof and sides of the car, Lewis said.

Ortiz-Reynaga died at a hospital.

Witnesses’ tips and video evidence led police to the McDaniels’ home two days later, Lewis said.

“A lot of people saw it,” Lewis said. “Some people thought it was a joke. They didn’t believe what they were seeing until they saw it on the news.”

Calls to Isabel McDaniel’s defense attorney were not immediately returned.

McDaniel, 30, was arrested and charged with second-¿¿degree manslaughter, intoxicated driving and evidence tampering. She pleaded not guilty last week, Lewis said.

Gary McDaniel, 24, has been charged with evidence tampering and will be arraigned Jan. 8, he said.

Officers think Isabel McDaniel was at a bar that night and was kicked out for being too loud, Lewis said. Just 30 minutes before the fatal crash, he said, she got into a fender-bender and fled the scene.

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