Cellphone crashing: Prankster invades fliers’ space in viral video

Greg Benson, actor and funnyman, has a new prank video climbing the YouTube charts. “Cell Phone Crashing at the Airport” has Benson and his hidden camera (operated by wife Kim Evey) crowding people at an airport as they talk on their phones.

Benson, on his MediocreFilms, has crashed cellphone conversations before -- at a park, a soccer game, on the streets of San Francisco. He responds to others’ conversations into his own phone. It takes a moment for people to register the pleasant-looking man invading their space.

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They try to move away, he dogs their steps.


“OK, talk to you later,” one woman says into her phone with nervous glances Benson’s way. “Talk to you later,” he says. “Love you,” she says. “Love you too,” he says.

Benson, with his easy smile, manages to make it fun and not creepy. As his YouTube site bills, these are “insane pranks and stuff from the guy you probably wish was your dad.”

Check out the fun above.

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