January 2015: Terror at Charlie Hebdo and across greater Paris

Three days of terror that left at least 20 people dead across greater Paris ended violently Jan. 9 when police stormed a suburban printing plant and killed two brothers with Al Qaeda connections as a nearly simultaneous raid in the capital took out an accomplice holding hostages at a kosher market.

French Muslims resent scrutiny after Charlie Hebdo attack

Many see a case of guilt by association in the intense focus on largely Muslim Paris suburbs associated with the three terrorists.

French terrorists were primed for trouble from the start, analysts say

Paris gunmen: Children of poor immigrants, two had an absent father and the third was one of 10 kids. They were ripe for recruiters.

'Je suis Charlie' and the people who are not Charlie

After the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine, the phrase is an expression of unity for some, a philosophical problem for others.

Paris terror attack victims are buried in Israel

Charlie Hebdo explains its next cover: Muhammad with 'I am Charlie' sign

The cover of Charlie Hebdo's next issue, due out Wednesday, will have a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad crying and holding an "I am Charlie" sign under the headline, "All is forgiven." The image was published online Monday by the French daily Liberation.

3 million across France march in solidarity against terrorism

Fledgling Paris terrorists fell through the cracks

Authorities knew of the men, but lack resources to closely track a large number of potentially violent extremists, analysts say.

France continues pursuit of slain gunman's girlfriend

Hostage ordeal briefly paralyzes a Paris neighborhood

In Paris, deadly hostage drama temporarily paralyzes a working-class neighborhood with a large immigrant population.

While many condemn the Paris violence, some support it

Restraints on speech a complex issue

Western society expressed universal horror this week at the killings at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, but it also has set limits on what is deemed acceptable speech.

Michel Houellebecq calls off book tour after Paris magazine shooting

Michel Houellebecq calls off book tour

Tracking the Charlie Hebdo attack and aftermath

Infographic shows Charlie Hebdo attack step-by-step