Las Vegas shooter Jerad Miller had numerous run-ins with police

Jerad Miller and his wife, Amanda, fatally shot two police officers eating lunch in a pizzeria in Las Vegas on Sunday.

They left a swastika insignia on the body of one police officer and covered the two bodies with a Gadsden flag -- a yellow banner with a coiled snake above the words “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Then they stormed into a nearby Wal-Mart as Jerad Miller shouted an anti-government message, and Amanda Miller killed a man who confronted them, police said.

The couple died inside the Wal-Mart as law enforcement closed in. Police say Amanda, 22, shot her husband several times before turning the gun on herself.


Jerad Miller, 31, had long espoused antigovernment views and posted rants against the police on social media. Below is a partial timeline of his past and encounters with police:

1999: Jerad Miller, 16, attends Kennewick High School in Washington state for his freshman year. He takes a summer class that school year, according to Robyn Chastain, a spokeswoman for the Kennewick School District.

“But he was not a graduate of Kennewick High School. There are no yearbook pictures. He’s not mentioned in any yearbooks. He might have been a dropout,” Chastain said. “Who knows what happened after he attended here?”

2001- 2003: Miller is convicted in Washington state of stealing a vehicle and several other offenses, including phone harassment, driving under the influence and malicious mischief from 2001 to at least 2003, according to the Associated Press.


May 2006: Miller moves to Lafayette, Ind.

June 2007: Miller is arrested by the West Lafayette Police Department and is accused of criminal recklessness, possession of marijuana, hash oil and paraphernalia, according to Tippecanoe County court records.

October 2007: Miller’s bond is revoked after a drug test comes back positive. The following month he pleads guilty to one count of criminal recklessness as part of a plea agreement and is placed on probation.

March 2009: Miller is charged with battery and is later acquitted by a jury in September.


November 2010: West Lafayette police officers again arrest him for possessing and dealing marijuana, hash oil, hashish, salvia or synthetic cannabinoid.

February 2011: Miller pleads guilty to dealing marijuana, possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance as part of a plea agreement. As part of his sentencing, Miller waives his 4th Amendment right and is ordered not to possess or carry guns or knives, according to court records.

September 2012: Miller marries Amanda Woodruff after the couple had been living together for more than a year in Lafayette. The two had met at a flea market. Amanda’s father said he begged his daughter not to marry Miller, concerned about his background.

March 2013: Miller posts a rant against Lafayette police on his Facebook page, saying that officers “threatened to shoot and kill me and sick the dog on me” over a traffic ticket. “Think we dont live in nazi land still?” he wrote. The incident was connected to a bench warrant issued a month earlier after Miller violated his probation.


April 2013: Miller was cited for driving without insurance.