Newsletter: Essential California: The fire lookout atop Point Dume

An aircraft drops fire retardant over the Woolsey fire in the Santa Monica Mountains.
(Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Monday, Nov. 12, and here’s what’s happening across California:


Today’s newsletter comes to you from Malibu, where Ben was surveying the damage of the Woolsey fire:

“I’m going to tell y’all a little secret. In my nearly two years of living in Los Angeles, I had never been to Point Dume. Getting there was a pain, and finally when you did, you had to wait in line to park and then had a limited opportunity at a scenic overlook in a region full of them.


“So as I drove through the fire-ravaged neighborhoods surrounding the iconic rock that marks the end of the Santa Monica Bay, I decided I had to stop. That urge prevailed throughout my time driving in Malibu — a place so defined by wealth and exclusivity. (In the midst of so much destruction, how often do you see a view like this?)

“Atop the rock, I was not alone. Malibu native Robert Spangle sat there with a cup of coffee, a small table and a pair of binoculars. He waved me over, told me to sit down and offered me a snack. Normally one looks out to sea when at the point. Not this time. We scanned the horizon looking for plumes of smoke and watched as tankers dropped flame retardant, while talking about what the last couple of days had been like.

“By Sunday, he’d been on watch for much of the last two days, tracking the fire. During the day, he looked for plumes of smoke; at night he monitored the glowing flames.

“He then regularly radioed friends about the rough movements of the fires. Those friends then went to the scene trying to help out.

“After chatting, it was time for both of us to go. I had to file this newsletter, and Spangle had to go meet up with his friends. They needed to strategize about how they were going to keep their hometown safe from more fires.”

Read the story of this 29-year-old Marine-turned-photographer: Los Angeles Times

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An owl on Zuma Beach on Friday.
(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)



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Los Angeles area: Sunny, 75, Monday. Partly cloudy, 74, Tuesday. San Diego: Sunny, 76, Monday. Partly cloudy, 74, Tuesday. San Francisco area: Sunny, 69, Monday. Partly cloudy, 66, Tuesday. San Jose: Sunny, 73, Monday. Partly cloudy, 70, Tuesday. Sacramento: Sunny, 69, Monday. Partly cloudy, 67, Tuesday. More weather is here.


This week’s birthdays for those who made a mark in California:


Retired Sen. Barbara Boxer (Nov. 11, 1940), L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson Jr. (Nov. 11, 1951), TV host Jimmy Kimmel (Nov. 13, 1967) and Rep. Eric Swalwell (Nov. 16, 1980).

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