Jill Heinerth Arctic op-ed
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Jill Heinerth | Arctic diver

As a diver and photographer, I feel an urgency to document the Arctic’s vulnerable ice, which is vanishing due to climate change.

Heinerth photographs the under surface of the sea ice near Bylot Island. (Jill Heinerth)
Lions mane jellyfish (Jill Heinerth)
Two divers prepare to descend through a lead in the ice. (Jill Heinerth)
A crack in the sea ice is seen from below. (Jill Heinerth)
Jill’s dive gear is placed on the edge of a crack beside an iceberg. (Jill Heinerth)
Skidoo jump (Jill Heinerth)
Kevin Enook tends the line that connects Jill Heinerth to the surface. This safety procedure protects the diver from getting swept away by strong currents. (Jill Heinerth)
Ice wall (Jill Heinerth)
Ice formations (Jill Heinerth)
Algae cavern (Jill Heinerth)
Iceberg surface swirl (Jill Heinerth)
An iceberg from Greenland is stuck in the Baffin Island sea ice and presents​ a perfect opportunity to dive. (Jill Heinerth)
Ice formations (Jill Heinerth)
Jill Heinerth (Jill Heinerth)