Letters: A worthy party place downtown

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Re “L.A.’s new party central,” Jan. 2

Entering my 100th year with a visit to Grand Park on New Year’s Eve was a delight. I believe Grand Park and the Dorothy Chandler plaza downtown make up the jewel of Los Angeles and together will become a must-see site for all tourists.

With Jacques Lipchitz’s peace statue on one end and iconic City Hall on the other — and world-class fountains in between — Grand Park is truly unique.

Kudos to the planners for their innovative efforts to make the New Year’s Eve entertainment a huge success. Using City Hall as a screen for their creative presentations was a stroke of genius.


Morrie Markoff

Los Angeles

One reason that L.A.’s New Year’s bash (turnout: 25,000) will never attain the stature of New York’s or those in other large cities is that Los Angeles lacks the adequate infrastructure to make it happen.

Taipei, a city of about 2.6 million people, had a turnout of 850,000 for Tuesday’s concert at the foot of Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings. The city’s metro system ran all trains for 42 hours straight to accommodate the millions of people traveling to festivities.

William DuBay

Poulsbo, Wash.



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