Letters: Canada and guns

Re “One border, two views on firearms,” Feb. 3

I am as much in favor of defending oneself and one’s property with as many guns as a person wants. But when I read about Louis DiNatale’s arrest after attempting to enter Canada and quickly turn around — after his car’s GPS led him astray — because he lost track of a gun he had in his center console, I became concerned.

This is not a bag of chips; this is a gun.

Keep track of your weapons, and if your memory is fading, perhaps you shouldn’t own a gun in the first place.


I am so tired of hearing about shootings because the gun owners didn’t secure their own weapons.

Steve Owen

San Diego

Canada’s zero-tolerance policy on breaking gun laws is admirable. While DiNatale’s mistaken crossing of the Canadian border with a firearm is unfortunate, laws such as those in Canada make much more sense than what we have here.


Greg Bristol

Santa Barbara


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